The process from applying to moving in

1. Application – 申し込み

After checking the requirements for applying in the “news” section on the top page, please fill out the necessary information in the application form.


2. Application review – 入寮審査

In general, all exchange students are given priority for living in the dorm.


3. Requirements and process for moving in – 入寮許可・手続き

We will respond by email with application results. (As soon as we have reviewed your application)


*People who have set their email to reject emails from certain websites or with URLs in the text may not be able to receive our emails. Please set your email to receive emails from the domain The process for this depends on your device.


Along with an email giving permission to live in the dorm, we will attach a “request for dorm payment” form. Please pay by the requested date. ( If we cannot confirm your payment, your application may be canceled. )

入寮許可の通知に添付して、「寮費振込み依頼書」を送ります。所定の期日までに納入してください。( 入金の確認ができない場合は申請無効となります。

4. Move-in date – 入寮日

Please move in on the designated day in the last week of August.


5. About applications for rooms for two people – 二人部屋の申込みについて

You can only move in if both applicants have agreed and applied together.
Two-person rooms are only for same-gender pairs.
In case one person decides to leave the dorm, we may change the room of the remaining student and/or change the dorm fee. In this case, the fee becomes 70,000 yen. However, if the student’s leaving the dorm was unavoidable, we can change the remaining student’s room without changing the fee.


6. Move-in cancellation – 入寮キャンセル

Please note that up to the day before entering the dormitory ,
10% of the dormitory fee will be collected as a cancellation fee and Refund fee will be borne by the person.


Cancellations after the Dormitory day are not fully refundable.
You can stay in the dormitory for up to two years
As a general rule, you cannot move in or out of the dormitory during the semester.
You cannot specify the dormitory to enter.


【Contact for questions about living in the dorms】

J. F. Oberlin University
〒252-0206 Kanagawa-ken, Sagamihara-shi, Chuo-ku, Fuchinobe 3-5-41
Phone:042-750-5564 (Monday~Friday 9:00 AM~5:00 PM)

〒252-0206 神奈川県相模原市中央区淵野辺3-5-41
TEL:042-750-5564 (月~金 9:00~17:00)