FAQ for Fuchinobe International HouseⅡ as below.

What is FIHⅡ like?

FIHⅡ is a student dormitory opened in September, 2013. The main purpose is to receive international students. At J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools, one of our principal goals is to develop students with international character. Enabling students to study, live and work together with people of different races and points of view helps to build that international character.

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What are the requirements for entering dormitory?

FIHⅡ residents must be one of these students as below.

Regular international students / Short-term foreign students (Exchange students) / Bekka international students / Confucius Institute students / Japanese students

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Where do international student who are living in FIHⅡ come from?

International students from over 10 different countries are living in FIHⅡ.

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How to apply for FIHⅡ?

The form is online. From the International Dorm homepage, follow the dormitory application link and fill out the form.(New international students who are coming from foreign countries to FIHⅡ directly don’t be required this procedure.)

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How long is the occupancy period?

The occupancy period can be the whole year. It is not necessary to move out during February, March and August. However, the maximum of living in FIHⅡ is 2 years.

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How to pay the rent?

RJ students from United States (New residents and continuous residents)

Obirin Gakuen Foundation of America (OGFA) requests the rent to you directly or to your institutions. New residents are required to pay the rent before you move in. Continuous residents are required to pay the rent by due day.

Other types of students (New residents and continuous residents)

Kyoritsu Financial Service co. Ltd, which is receiving agent entrusted by J. F. Oberlin University, issues invoice for rent to you directly. New residents are required to pay the rent before you move in.Continuous residents are required to pay the rent by assigned day.

New residents Continuous residents
RJ student from United States Claimant Obirin Gakuen Foundation of America (OGFA)
The time of payment Assigned day by OGFA
Other students Claimant Kyoritsu Financial Service Co. Ltd
The time of payment Assigned day by Kyoritsu Financial Service Co. Ltd

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When can I move in?

1. Students of Reconnaissance Japan Program (RJ) & Students of Institute for Japanese Language and Culture (Bekka):

The designated arrival date or the day next.


2. Regular international students & Japanese students/Confucius Institute students:

The day designed by FIHⅡ.

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What should I bring with me to FIHⅡ?

【students who have already lived in Japan】

Please bring along your futon and personal belongings. Futon also can be purchased in FIHⅡ. If you want to buy it, please contact the office of FIHⅡasap.


【Students who are coming from foreign countries to FIHⅡ directly

Please bring your personal belongings. Futon have to be purchased in FIHⅡ.

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How many luggage can be carried into the room?

About 10 medium size of corrugated paper boxes. Please consider the space of your room.

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Does FIHⅡ offer meals?

FIHⅡ does not offer meals to residents. You can cook in the unit kitchen in your room. The common kitchen in 2nd floor of Building A and B are available for cooking as well.

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Are laundry facilities available in FIHⅡ?

Yes, laundry rooms equipped with washers and dryers are available in 2nd floor of Building A.

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Do I get cleaning service?

The common areas of the dormitory are professionally cleaned each week. Residents are requested to help keep the dormitory clean by maintaining your rooms and the common spaces in an orderly manner.

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Are internet and TV available?

There is an electric socket for internet and TV in your room, please be sure to prepare LAN cables for using internet in the room.

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Is car/bicycle available to park at FIHⅡ?

Students are not allowed to park their cars either at FIHⅡ or university. However, bicycle is allowed to park in the bicycle park of FIHⅡ.

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Is it allowed to drink and smoke in FIHⅡ?

You are not allowed to drink and smoke in the dormitory. You will be expelled for smoking and drinking in FIHⅡ.

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Can I invite my friends and family members to FIHⅡ?

Yes, they need to fill in the visitors list at the entrance (1st floor). However, stay overnight is not allowed.

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Can I spend the night elsewhere?

If you are going to be away from FIHⅡ, please fill in the “外泊届け” form (notice of travel/absence from FIHⅡ) and put it to dormitory office.

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Does FIHⅡ have curfew?

There is no curfew. (However, we suggest students come back early to prepare for the class.)

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How long does it take from FIHⅡ to university (Machida Campus)?

It takes about 5 minutes on foot from FIHⅡ to the bus station and it takes about 7 to 8 minutes to university (Machida Campus).

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What do I do if I am sick?

The office staffs will introduce some clinics to you.

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What events does FIHⅡ have?

Resident Assistant will organize events such as Welcome Party, Christmas party, Farewell party, Movie Night and short trip on weekend.

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What amenities are included in the room?

The room is equipped with air-conditioner, fridge, microwave oven, electric pot, IH induction cooker, bed, mattress, desk, chair and closet.

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Is the dormitory available for tour?

Yes. You can get a tour anytime by making appointment. If you want to get dormitory tour, please make a reservation before you visit.

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How is the security of FIHⅡ?

The house parents are staying in the dormitory as residential staff. After 10pm, only residents can be in the dormitory.

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Is there any student organization in FIHⅡ?

Resident Assistant (RA), who is student staff, provides comfortable accommodation for all residents of FIHⅡ by organizing activities /events and supporting dormitory office’s work.

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Is there any restaurants/supermarkets around FIHⅡ?

Yes, there are some restaurants and supermarkets around FIHⅡ so please don’t worry about your daily meal.

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