Purpose Article 1  The following International House rules, deemed necessary for the smooth operation and management of International House, are based on the established International House regulations.
Self-Management of
International House
Article 2 To cooperate with the office of International House (hereafter “the Office”) in managing the dormitory, we have established an organization for self-management by the residents.
  • 2 A committee of International House residents will be formed by the residents themselves. The committee will be formed by resident assistants. Resident assistants will be recommended by the Head and will be delegated by the directors of Student Center. In cooperation with the Office they will address complaints from the neighbors concerning noise, see that the garbage areas and lounges are clean, assist in keeping the grounds clean and take responsibility for solving other problems.
  • 3 Resident assistants will be designated for each floor of International House. They will cooperate with the residents and assist the Office in the management of their floors.
Article 3 Discrimination against residents on the basis of race, gender, age, religion or nationality is not permitted, nor are residents to discriminate in like manner against others.
Article 4 Residents have the following responsibilities:
  • 2 Residents must take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of those actions.
  • 3 Residents are responsible for preserving a safe, clean, and pleasant environment for living and studying.
  • 4 Residents are responsible contributing actively to the Office’s needful orders to keep International House safe from fire and other disasters.
  • 5 Residents are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner conducive to mutual understanding with people in the neighborhood.
Prohibitions Article 5 The following activities are prohibited at International House and on its grounds.
  • (1)To use rooms for any purpose other than residence.
  • (2)To permit non-residents in International House rooms. You are to meet visitors only in designated areas. Your family is allowed to enter International House rooms if they get the permission from the Office.
  • (3)To copy, lend, or sell your room key, or to sublet your room.
  • (4)To infringe on the rights of other residents, or to interfere with the management of International House.
  • (5)To make loud noises or to produce odd smells that might alarm the neighbors.
  • (6)To dispose of garbage in disregard of local rules concerning sorting, days of the week or time of day for disposal.
  • (7)To keep pets.
  • (8)To smoke.
  • (9)To drink.
  • (10)To cook anywhere except in designated areas.
  • (11)To use any source of fire: firearms, gas, charcoal, candles, fireworks, barbecue grills, etc.
  • (12)To bring anything dangerous or illegal (weapons, drugs, etc) into International House that might cause an accident.
  • (13)To modify any equipment, installation or appliance, or to damage them.
  • (14)To impair the exterior view of International House.
  • (15)To own an automobile or to park one on the premises.
  • (16)To leave a bicycle anywhere except in the designated area.
  • (17)To do anything else prohibited by the Head.
Spending the Night
Article 6 When a resident plans to spend the night elsewhere he or she should inform the Head and provide a contact number.
When Moving out of
International House
Article 7 When a resident moves out of International House or changes rooms, he or she must inform the Head by the specified date, and be present when the person designated by the Head performs an inspection of the room.
  • 2  If, as the result of an inspection, the room is found to be damaged or unacceptably dirty, the resident is responsible for paying damages.
  • 3 It is the resident’s responsibility to remove or dispose of all personal items.
  • 4 It is the resident’s responsibility to return the room key to the Office. It is forbidden to entrust this task to a friend, or to leave the key in the room, or to return the key by mail.
Use of the Hallways
and Lounges
Article 8 Residents may use the hallways and the lounges.
  • 2 In principle, the person who desires to use these facilities should ask permission of the Office seven days in advance.
  • 3 After use, the person who applied for use of the facilities must be present at an inspection by the Head or a staff member. In case of damage or unacceptable dirtiness, that resident is responsible for paying damages.
  • 4 Use of the facilities that involve activities forbidden under Article 5 is not allowed.
Article 9 Posting of announcements in International House is limited to designated areas, and requires permission of the Head.
Changing Rooms Article 10 In principle, changing to a room other than the one assigned is not allowed.
residents’ rooms
Article 11 If a resident is away from the dormitory without informing the Office, the Head and a staff member will need to check the resident’s room for security if they cannot confirm the resident’s whereabouts for certain period of time.
Utilities Fees Article 12 The rules concerning utilities fees are as follows:
  • 2 The maximum amount of utilities fees covered by monthly rent is shown in Table 1, 2 & 3.
  • 3 Utility fees are separate from the set costs outlined in Tables 1, 2, and 3. On average utility fees will not exceed 10,000-15,000 yen a month.
  • 4 Any utilities fees in excess of the maximum amount allowed are to be paid by the resident by the due date.
  • 5 Excess utilities fees will be reduced from your deposit.
On Use of Communications Equipment Article 13 Communications equipment in International House (internet connections) must be used in accord with “J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools Basic Rules of Internet Security.”
  • 2 It is allowed only 1 computer in each room.
  • 3 It is prohibited to use file-sharing software and to affect the internet connections of other residents.
  • 4 Confirmation of communication equipment will be conducted if there is suspicious of Article 13.2 & 13.3.
Dormitory Fees Article 14 The dormitory fees is shown in Table 1, 2 & 3.
Miscellaneous Regulations Article 15 Regulations required in addition to those listed above will be decided by the Committee for the Administration and Management of Fuchinobe International House (hereafter “the Committee”).
Violations of
International House Rules
Article 16 Residents found to be in violation of International House rules will be warned by the Head.
  • 2 If the violation is malicious, the resident may be expelled following deliberation by the Committee. If the resident is found to be in violation of Articles 61 or 62 of the University’s rules, he or she may be subject to disciplinary action.
Revisions Article 17 Revisions of these rules will take place through deliberation by the Committee.

【Addendum】 These regulations are established on January 20, 2011