Fuchinobe International House (FIH) is a student dormitory completed in September, 2010. With a capacity of 245 residents, it is the largest dormitory at J. F. Oberlin University. It also differs from other dormitories in that most of its residents are international students. In many foreign countries it is a normal part of university life for students to live together in dormitories. At J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools, one of our principal goals is to develop students with international character. Enabling students to study, live and work together with people of different ethnicities and points of view helps to build that international character.

At the moment, foreign students from over 10 countries are living in FIH. The Student Committee of FIH is composed of resident assistants of each floor. They are responsible to organize activities and assist the office with event group, cultural group and publicity group. Up till now, we have been organized activities such as Christmas party, Farewell party, Thanksgiving, movie night, Mt. Takao Hiking, Day trip to Kamakura・Enoshima, hot spring trip, homepage-creating, introduction to each culture. Resident assistants also do their best to create a comfortable living environment. Allowing students to plan, communicate, and experience different cultures helps to develop their 21st century’s international characters.


Welcome to Fuchiobe International House

Oberlin- with connections with over 110 universities in 20 countries from every corner of the world, Oberlin (Or as the students call it, “Oubirin”) is a university active in the international community since it’s founding.  Every year we send hundreds of students out into the world, with a total of 1598 students taking part in long-term exchanges abroad, 6585 students partaking in either a short term exchange or being a part of the GO Program, and 1597 foreign students attending Oberlin University as a part of an exchange program.  In addition to semester and full-year programs, Oberlin also offers intensive language research opportunities ranging from 2 weeks to a month.